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  • Nicola (4 years)

    Well done, Lauren! You were fabulous, I loved your peformances.
    Here’s a Lauren-Fan interview with me!
    Give me your Lauren thoughts.
    She’s like amazing, I wished she’d won…
    Favourite Lauren peformance?
    Probably “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again”.
    She just made that so funny and enjoyable!

  • Nicola (4 years)

    Lauren rocks!

  • Callum (4 years)

    Hi Lauren
    wanted you to come 1st or 2nd
    Please could you send me a signed photo for my collection please? If you reply to kiron.fitzpatrick@binternet.com then I will give you my address to reply with. I am using my brothers email
    Love Callum

  • Casutama (3 years)

    Hi Lauren,

    I’m not even british (so excuse my English) but I watched all your performances on the ‘Over the rainbow’ series, and I must tell you, that I am a huge fan of yours, your were excellent in everything – singing (your voice is like WOW) acting and dancing.
    I wished you had won!!!
    My favourite performance of yours was ‘Being alive’ I couldn’t stop listening to it. Right at the moment I am learning to sing it, but… it will never reach your standard of course, but I try hard.
    I would be ever so glad if you could send me a signed photo. (send it to l.wagner@ursulinen.at ).
    I am sorry, that my English is so horrible.
    Love, Casutama

  • Mark winstanley (2 years)

    I still occasionally listen to Lauren singing Being Alive and think it is the best version of this song I know. Lauren’s confidence, strong belt and acting put me in mind of Ruthie Henshall. Surely it can’t be long before she also puts her stamp on the West End with a role she has originated in a hit new musical.

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